Floral  Wreath is Here!

Floral Wreath is Here!

After a small delay, the floral wreath canvas is finally here! If you enjoy our half-painted series, in particular our rustic wreath, you are going to love this project!

As a reminder about our half-painted series - these canvases are just that, partially painted. This whole thing is done intentionally. I kept hearing from stitchers how they wanted a cost-friendly project, but one that wasn't a chart. So, I was looking to see how we could still get you a physical canvas, that was still a fun, modern project/design, but that was more cost-friendly. I found this half-painted series to be a potential solution!

So what does this mean? This means you still get a stitch painted, physical canvas shipped to you - however, the design lacks many of the details you are probably used too. But where the canvas lacks details, the stitch guide does not! The other purpose of these canvases is to give you the opportunity to maybe try some stitches you otherwise wouldn't, and to let your needlework really shine. With a simple canvas and a few fun stitches we'll transform this project into a gorgeous piece of art! As with all stitch guides - ours is also meant to be a suggestion. If you have ideas for stitches or techniques you won't to try, please do so!

As with the rustic wreath, this canvas is partially painted and comes with a stitch guide. The floral wreath canvas comes with TWO options for a stitch guide - the first is for a "thread version" - this version is great if you plan to purchase the thread kit, or you know you have threads you want to use from your stash. For those who are looking for some ribbon work practice - the second guide is for a "ribbon version". There is no thread kit option for this, so if you know you would like to stitch this version, it is recommended to purchase the "canvas only." BOTH stitch guides are included with purchase of the canvas.

In addition to written guides - these guides also include a video guide! Each and every stitch used (in BOTH the thread and ribbon versions) will have an accompanying supplementary video to help you in your stitching journey. I wanted these projects to fun and stress-free, so I wanted to give you all the possible resources I could!

What will be available:

Canvas only option:

  • Includes a stitch-painted canvas, with bound edges and a needle
  • BOTH the thread and ribbon stitch guides AND access to the supplementary videos

Kitted option:

  • Includes threads for the THREAD version of the stitch guide
  • Stretcher bars and tacks
  • Project bag
  • Our "How to Needlepoint" Card


In addition, we are also restocking our regular rustic wreath canvases and kits! If you are new to our half-painted canvases, I recommend the rustic wreath first. This project uses fewer stitches to achieve the final stitched project and is a great introduction to how we set these projects up. As with the floral wreath, the rustic wreath includes the written stitch guide AND supplementary videos.


  • There is NOT an option for the ribbon kit. If you know you will want to stitch this in ribbons, it is recommended to purchase the "canvas only option"
  • The Kit is an add on - meaning if you would like the kit you will need to add the canvas AND kit to your cart


Links to both projects can be found below and will be restocked on Wednesday, July 19th. Email subscribers will get to shop early starting at 6pm ET, and then the listings will open to everyone at 7pm ET! And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! I hope you love this newest canvas!

xo k

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