Stitch Library

Please enjoy this video library of some of my favorite and/or most used needlepoint stitches

 For more, you can visit our blog series, Stitch Sunday, where we review a stitch, give photo examples and video demonstrations of various stitches!

Needlepoint Basics: Tent Stitches

Half Cross Stitch

Continental Stitch


Background Ideas: Extra Skip T Stitch

Stitch Diagram: Extra Skip T Stitch

Stitch Video: Extra Skip T Stitch

Background Ideas: Skip Tent Stitch

Stitch Diagram: Skip Tent Stitch

Stitch Video: Skip Tent Stitch

Background Ideas: T Stitch

Stitch Diagram: T Stitch

Stitch Video: T Stitch

Decorative Stitches: French Knots

Decorative Stitches: Ribbon Bow