Hello! So nice of you to stop by. I'm Kayla - the face behind Fire and Iris. I reside in New Hampshire with my significant other and two fur pups. As you could probably guess, I love all things outdoors! Hiking, running and kayaking are my jam and I find these activities to be so restorative and inspiring.

So why Fire and Iris? Well it's actually in remembrance of my grandma. Fire is the element of her astrological sign, the Leo, and certainly a marker of her fiery personality. And Iris is for the Iris flower family, which gladiolus are part of. Glads are one of the August birth month flowers - a birth month she shared with myself and my siblings. Gladiolus also happen to carry a meaning of remembrance. (Plus the play on fire and ice is kind of fun!).


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If there's anything you need, or just want to say hi - you can reach me at You can also reach out on social - we're on Instagram @fire.and.iris and TikTok @fire.and.iris.designs