Rustic Tree is Here!

Rustic Tree is Here!

Our newest half-painted canvas is finally here! If you enjoy our half-painted series, in particular our rustic wreath, you are going to love this project!

As with the rustic wreath, this canvas is partially painted. The intention is to provide you the opportunity to let your needlework shine! For this canvas, only the tree trunk and tree branches will come painted, and with your stitching, you’ll transform this canvas in to the most adorable little tree. As such, we provide an extensive written guide that walks you through how we completed ours, as well as provides options for add-ons (bows, beads, etc).

In addition to written guide - this canvas also includes a video guide! Each and every stitch used will have an accompanying supplementary video. I wanted these projects to fun and stress-free, so I wanted to give you all the possible resources I could!


This canvas will come in two options:

  • A canvas only option for $28
  • and a canvas and kit option for $56 


This canvas will go live with our Studio Sale starting at 10AM ET on Monday November 27th! We are so excited to share this new canvas and hope you love them!

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