Stitch Sunday - Vertical Corduroy Stitch

Stitch Sunday - Vertical Corduroy Stitch

We're back and talking about Vertical Corduroy Stitch. As a reminder, the purpose of this series is to introduce/showcase some stitches. Our plan is to give the stitch diagram, a stitched example, including examples of the stitch in a few finished pieces, talk about various places you could use the stitch and provide a video demonstrating the stitch. I don't know about you, but seeing just a stitch diagram isn't always helpful to visualize how the stitch will look on canvas, so I'm hoping this series will be a good resource for you as you are looking for stitches.


Stitch Diagram: Corduroy Stitch

Stitch Example: Corduroy Stitch



Why we love this stitch: Its very easy to compensate, stitches quickly, is a full coverage stitch and isn't distracting, so I love using this as a background, especially as a background on canvases with words/sayings. I also like to use this for buildings and fences - when stitched in Rainbow Linen or Straw Silk, it looks like wood grain!


Below are a few examples of where we have used this stitch:


 Stitch example: Vertical corduroy stitch as the white background
Canvas: Holly Jolly Rule by Fire and Iris


 Stitch example: Vertical corduroy stitch as the white background
Canvas: We Know by Fire and Iris

Lastly, here is a video tutorial for the Corduroy Stitch - enjoy!

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