Thread Thursday - Planet Earth Wool

Thread Thursday - Planet Earth Wool


Planet Earth Wool, distributed by Planet Earth Fiber, is a single strand, 100% merino wool, and currently, there are 175 different colors.{1} Planet Earth Wool is best used on 13 mesh canvas.


 Planet Earth Silk is sold in skeins (30 yards) and will cover approximately 20 square inches of 13 mesh canvas. {2}


Planet Earth Wool single ply means it is only made up of one single thread. So to stitch, you can cut a single thread from the skein and immediately begin stitching with that thread.


Planet Earth Wool is subject to dye lots, meaning the thread is dyed in batches. Some colors can vary widely from dye lot to dye lot, and using two skeins from different dye lots can cause a noticeable color difference on your canvas (especially if you're stitching a large continuous area). If this doesn't bother you, or you have two skeins that look pretty close and don't present a noticeable color difference, then no need to worry! But you do want to make sure your canvas looks consistent, then it is important to take note of the dye lot when purchasing the thread (especially if you are purchasing multiple skeins) and it is important to keep the tag with the thread, in case you need to reference it later. 


This thread is only available to purchase through a vendor (you cannot directly purchase from Planet Earth Fiber), which can make the price a bit variable. As noted on 6/3/2024, we found it priced between $5.75-$7.00 per skein via various online needlepoint stores.{3-8}  (Please note, this was a non-exhaustive search. This is only to provide a few of the vendors who sell Planet Earth Silk online and to provide a general idea of the cost of a skein. We recommend searching on your own/visiting your local needlepoint store.)

Below are some examples of pieces stitched with Planet Earth Wool. I find it is super soft, easy to work with and not as stretchy as some other wool threads. Stitching with this thread with basketweave on 13mesh is my absolute favorite, and I hope you give it a try!


Canvas: Geo Belt by Fire and Iris
Thread: Planet Earth Wool (used on the entire canvas)
13 Mesh Canvas


Canvas: Honeycomb by Fire and Iris
Thread: Planet Earth Wool
13 Mesh Canvas


Canvas: Honeycomb Insert by Fire and Iris
Thread: Planet Earth Wool
13 Mesh Canvas




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