Thread Thursday - Very Velvet

Thread Thursday - Very Velvet



Very Velvet is another wonderful specialty thread. Very Velvet is distributed by Rainbow Gallery Threads {1} Very Velvet comes in two versions - Very Velvet and Petite Very Velvet {1} The two differ in their size - Very Velvet is larger than Petite Very Velvet, making Very Velvet best for 13 mesh canvas, and Petite Very Velvet best for 18 mesh canvas. Very Velvet comes in 10 yard cards and Petite Very Velvet comes in 15 yard cards. {1}


The photo above shows the difference between regular Very Velvet (on the left) and petite Very Velvet (on the right)


For the first time, we are covering a thread that does NOT have dye lots (woo!). However, this thread does only come in 10/10.5 yard cards, so make sure to double check and take that in to consideration if you plan to use it for a large project.


Very Velvet and Petite Very Velvet are only available to purchase through a vendor (you cannot directly purchase from Rainbow Gallery). As noted on 7/7/2024, we found Very Velvet priced between $4.25-$4.59 {2-5}

 (Please note, these were non-exhaustive searches. This is only to provide a few of the vendors who sell Very Velvet online and to provide a general idea of the cost of a card. We recommend searching on your own/visiting your local needlepoint store.


What are other stitchers saying about this thread? 

Very excited share feedback we received from you guys! Alex wrote to us that, 

"I’ve used very velvet for several projects and love the look you get with it being a little bit more matte than most other threads. It definitely is a great thread for any animal since you get a slight fuzz, but I’ve used it for a several other projects since I think it contrasts really nicely with silk.  I picked it for this project because it was the perfect color I was looking for! Another bonus is no thread lots! Only issue I have had with it is that if you pull the thread to tight is the thread will actually break."

-Alex W.

Like Alex, I love how Very Velvet looks on a stitched canvas. I personally prefer to stitch all basketweave and I find the thread to be really enjoyable to stitch with, like butter on a canvas, and I hope this inspires you to try it out sometime!


Below are some examples of pieces stitched with Very Velvet, including some that were stitched by you! Thank you so much for sharing your work with us, we absolutely getting to show it off! 



Canvas: Ski Mug by Fire and Iris
Stitching: The mug is stitched in Petite Very Velvet by Alex W.
(Canvas is 18 mesh)
Canvas: Poinsettia Canvas by Fire and Iris
Stitching: All of the poinsettia leaves are stitched in Very Velvet
(Canvas is 13 mesh)


Canvas: Yeti by Fire and Iris
Stitching: The face, hands and feet are stitched in Petite Very Velvet
(Canvas is 18 mesh)


Canvas: Picnic for Two by Fire and Iris
Stitching: The loaf of bread is stitched in Petite Very Velvet
(Canvas is 18 mesh)



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