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Fire And Iris Designs

Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil

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Jersey Devil Canvas


The Jersey Devil is said to be a winged biped, with hooves, horns and a tail (or at least that's how some describe him). He's said to inhabit Southern New Jersey and there are countless stories of him emerging to wreck havoc on the local towns. With a bit of influence from the latest season of "Stranger Things" I personally picture him as an OG member of the HellFire Club, a dungeon master himself, and his rampage through South Jersey is just him looking for individuals to join his D&D group. So with that in mind, we present, the most metal ever, Jersey Devil. 

Canvas Information:

  • 18 Mesh Canvas
  • 4.5 x 2.75 in (design size)
  • Canvas comes with bound edges and a needle


Product does not come stitched or in a kit


Finishing Ideas: Ornament or stand-up 

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